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Choline glycerophosphate   
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Cas No.: 28319-77-9
Choline glycerophosphas [Latin]

About the revised "cosmetics health standard" CAS NO.:28319-77-9
Form:Wuhu Foman Biopharma Co.,Ltd.     Date:2014-06-16

About the revised "cosmetics health standard" CAS NO.:28319-77-9

Cosmetics by the state food and drug administration standards expert committee, based on the principle of safety risk assessment and decision in "cosmetics health standard" (2007 edition) of banned substances "choline salts and their esters" clause to adjust and make regulations on related substance use, now announced as follows:
     "cosmetics health standard" (2007 edition) cosmetics disable components (1) serial number 351 (table 2) "Choline salts and their esters, such as the Choline chloride" (Choline salts and their esters, e.g. Choline ((2 - hydroxyethyl) - trimethylammonium chloride)) is adjusted for "based on the principle of safety risk assessment, Choline salts and their esters after subject to safety risk assessment to determine whether can use".
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