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Choline glycerophosphate   
GPC, alpha-GPC
Cas No.: 28319-77-9
Choline glycerophosphas [Latin]

Additional Choline glycerophosphate Benefits and Research
Form£ºWuhu Foman Biopharma Co.,Ltd.     Date£º2014-06-16

Additional Choline glycerophosphate Benefits and Research
Choline glycerophosphate CAS : 28319-77-9


Alpha-GPC is often used in the treatment of Alzheimer¡¯s disease. Ongoing research suggests taking 1200 mg of alpha-GPC per day significantly improves thinking skills in Alzheimer¡¯s patients after 3 to 6 months of treatment.

In Italy, researchers gave patients with vascular dementia 1 g of alpha-GPC per day intramuscularly. In addition to being well tolerated, Alpha GPC improved behavior, mood, and thinking skills.

As an antioxidant, alpha-GPC also protects cells by eliminating free radicals caused by pollution, stress, or other environmental factors.


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